i love you (lipglossnblk) wrote in vegancooking,
i love you

zucchini/onion sandwich with hummus

so i was craving something healthy and filling today for dinner after having had eaten my life away vanilla cuties, bananas, and peanut butter. i made this sandwich type thing (i'm not really sure what i would call it) with just zucchini, onions, and hummus on wheat flatbread and it was surprisingly good.

i got a little more than half of a small zucchini and cut it up so that it was in little strips-- similar to the zucchini you would put in salads. i then got some onions and cut it so that it was in strips, also like the kind you would put in salads. after that i put a thin layer on hummus on the flatbread, piled on the veggies, and folded it.
i can't really taste zucchini when i eat it which may account for the reason i love it so much. it's like i know i'm eating healthy but i don't really know it cause i cant even taste it.
anyways, this meal was extremely simple and filling and it didn't taste that bad either. if you're looking for something quick and easy to make that is actually good for you i suggest you give this a try :)
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