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frozen stir-fry & putting leftovers to use (easily!)

first things first: I was a pretty active member of this community a while back, but went through a move and recently got a new computer (and username. my mocha chip muffins and chocolate chip bars were a hit).

I made my very first stir-fry the other night.

it was one of the frozen mixes (we were in a hurry- it was late!): mushrooms, water chestnuts, baby corn, carrots, broccoli, et cetera- and packets of flavoring that I didn't use.

I used sesame oil and a spicy szecheun sauce. it was tasty, but I'm more excited about making a fresh stir-fry. the boy thought it was too hot, but I'm a fan of spicy and hot dishes (admittedly, since the broccoli held in much more of the spicy sauce than the other vegetables, even I teared up a little).

oh, and I used the leftovers in a salad that proved to be yummy as well: I rinsed the vegetables to get rid of a bit of the heat they were packing and added them to lots of baby spinach. oriental sauces would work well for the dressing- ginger soy sauce or a sesame concoction.

I'm headed to the memories now to check out your stir-fry ideas. I'd love to try sweet-and-sour, ginger-sesame, and other flavors. tofu and rice are definitely going to be added to my next effort, too.

for a quick and easy dinner, though, this was perfect!
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