criticalcupcake (criticalcupcake) wrote in vegancooking,

cheeseless quiche?

I'm going to attempt my first quiche this week using this recipe from vegan-food.

I'm not a fan of soy cheeses (or other substitutes in general, actually. soymilk and tofu are wonderful, but packaged meat and cheese substitutes have never had much of an appeal).

would this recipe work without cheese? I remember my mother's quiche from when I was small, and of course the cheese bubbled in the oven to create the almost marbelized surface and melty texture.

I've had bad experiences with nutritional yeast flakes, although webtar's suggestion sounds like it'd work if I had the equiptment.

thanks in advance if you could a) give me my soy cheese training wheels or b) mail a food processor. hah.
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