Kärlenken Väntar (polyphonicvegan) wrote in vegancooking,
Kärlenken Väntar

Coconut Cream Pie ~ No Oil Possible?

My parents are coming over for dinner tomorrow and my mom requested that I make her my vegan coconut cream pie from How It All Vegan. I'd like to figure out a version that my dad can eat too. Due to health issues (gallbladder), he can't eat oil or hardly any fat at all. He's vegan already, in case someone was going to suggest that. :) Anyway, the recipe calls for half a cup of safflower oil and I'd like to replace that but have no idea how. The rest of the ingredients are just tofu, coconut, sugar and vanilla. Any suggestions? I found an oil-free pie crust recipe on fatfree.com. Does this sound good or does anyone know of a better tasting one?

1 cup sifted plain flour
1/3 cup light corn syrup (I'd probably use mayple syrup)
2 tabs rice milk
3/4 teas salt (optionsl)

Mix flour and salt. combine syrup and milk and add all at once to the
flour mixture. Stir with a fork until thoroughly mixed Roll out dough
between sheets of waxed paper lightly dusted with flour. Makes enough
for one crust.

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