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this is awesome

ok so pretty much this rules

please pull your collective brains together on this one

i'm on student government for next year and we're doing a retreat the first weekend of august (friday evening - saturday evening). when we started discussing food i of course mentioned i wanted to be involved in that process and didn't like the catering idea with being vegan. it was actually decided by the other student gvt members that i should be solely in charge of food for the weekend and we'll have a vegan retreat (talk about awesome!)

so less $=better in mind, i need help planning a friday evening meal, saturday breakfast & lunch for approximately 20-25 people. i'm definitely doing cinnamon rolls for breakfast, but we'll need something to go along with that. and one person prefers low-/no-sugar items when possible, but isn't a stickler.

bulk cooking for cheap, but not cheap-seeming meals.

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