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Mexican chilis

A friend just sent me a huge box of dried chilies-- very difficult to find here in London, and I had been craving Mexican heat like crazy here.

Well, now that I have them, I realize I don't exactly know how to cook with them, having usually been really lazy about my cooking. Living in London and being skint all the time, I'm having to learn to cook from scratch.

So, here are the chilies I have, all in large amounts:

♥ Chili de arbol-- (OK so I kinda know this is thrown in for heat, like in Kung Pau dishes, but do you "blacken" them first?)
♥ Piquin (little flea-- I've always loved the name) chilies. I just tossed two of these into some mung dhal I've got cooking. Probably should have crushed them first.
♥ Guajillo-- dried. I understand this needs to be pureed. Do you soak it first? What might you use the puree for? What kinds of sauces?
♥ Ancho chilis-- I know these are used for making mole. Does anyone have a good mole recipe, or other recipes using this chili? What dishes do you use mole in? (Most mole dishes seem to contain meat, and I'm wondering about successful vegan alternatives)
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