robot. (genocideboy) wrote in vegancooking,

i need product recommendations.

the newest grocery store to grace my small city has the most expansive selection of vegan/organic/speciality foods i have ever seen. ever.

being the indecisive little bastard i am, i spent almost an hour in that one section, in awe at the vast amount of stuff that i never thought you could get here, and ended up only getting vanilla flavoured almond milk (which is fantastic, by the way).

so i was wondering, what are your recommended:
-non-dairy milks (original/vanilla/chocolate? almond/soy/rice? brands include almond breeze, natur-a, vitasoy, silk, so good, soy/rice dream).
-flavours of soy delicious ice cream (although i highly doubt i will ever allow myself to indulge, some flavours sound rather orgasmic. peanut butter zig zag, cherry nirvana? kill me now).
-is vegan gourmet (mozzerella) cheese worth trying?
-what are some good ways to use vanilla almond milk (besides drinking it straight)? if i were to use it to make a smoothie, what would be the best fruits to use with it?

i.. think that's it.
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