Angie (veggiecoreangie) wrote in vegancooking,

I got this recipe from vegweb and made it about a week ago. I loved it so I'm sharing it!


* 1 long fresh baguette [I liked Italian the best, I tried wheat (which I usually love) but didn't like it]
* 1 bunch fresh organic basil
* 2 organic Roma tomatoes
* tofu
* sea salt
* olive oil
* truffle oil (couldn't find it so I bought some shmancy Italian stuff)
* fresh grated pepper


Heat up stove top grill, skillet, or heavy pan, to medium heat

1. Divide bread into two good sized portions length wise and slice each section down middle.

2. Drizzle a good amount of olive oil on insides of bread and place in preheated pan/grill until it has either nice grill lines and is a bit crispy.

3. Slice roma tomatoes thin. Pull off basil leaves, do not cut. Slice tofu into thin strips the width of the bread.

4. After the bread is good and toasty, layer the tomato on a slice and sprinkle with sea salt. On top of tomato put down a layer of fresh basil (enough to cover the tomatoes) and then add a layer of tofu on top of the basil. Drizzle with truffle oil, sprinkle with freshly grated pepper and close sandwich.

5. Eat. :o)

Serves: 2
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