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nutritional yeast querie (veg-it)

so i've been using Veg-It brand seasoning, and it's composed mainly of what i assume is nutritional yeast. it's yellowish and the first ingrediant claims to be 'special yeast grown on blackstrap molasses'.

question 1 - am i right in assuming that this is nutritional yeast?

question 2 - does anyone know where i could get straight up nutritional yeast? i like veg-it a lot but it has all kinds of other seasonings in it, i can't seem to find just plain nut. yeast anywhere

question 3 - ok, so i read a week or so back in a post that molasses is NOT vegan because it's a byproduct of the sugar refining process. so if nut. yeast is grown on molasses.... i think you see where i'm going.

any clarification will be much appreciated.
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