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last-minute stir-fry

after finding out that the boy would be late coming home, I decided to throw together a stir-fry. our kitchen is nearly empty right now (and I'd just cleaned out the pantry itself- a long overdue task, which means it's looking especially lonely), so I'd consider this a cheap and easy meal, too.

-black sesame seeds
-chinese five spice
-sesame oil
-veggies (baby corn, carrots, peas, water chestnuts, broccoli, et cetera; my selection was more limited than that, but I'm sure you're a bit luckier- add your favorite stir-fry vegetables/tofu/tvp)
-brown rice
*I didn't use exact measurements. add in moderation or go all out, whichever you prefer.

in an ungreased pan, toast the sesame seeds for about a minute, shaking the pan a bit.

cook the rice so it'll be ready around the same time the veggies are.

add the oil and begin to stir/fry the veggies. you can add the spices here or afterwards- I generally add them while cooking and to taste (who keeps their fingers out of dishes?!).

throw it all together and eat! add soy sauce if you'd like.

I had never had black sesame seeds and only discovered them in the pantry the other day, but I love sesame anything, and this only accentuates the flavor (and scent!) that the sesame oil alone gives the stir-fry.

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