M (ethelfleda) wrote in vegancooking,

Farm Shop Goodness

Been out to my local farm shop, which is full of lovely summer produce

Baby plum tomatoes dried very well in about 4-5 hours in the oven. Mine doesn't have a 'warm' setting, but turning it up to 80c for a bit and then turned it off again for a bit worked.

Black Russian tomatoes are huge dark, squidgy tomatoes. They're not a good texture for just eating, but make a lovely dark, sweet rich, tomato sauce; they just seem to melt as they hit the pan.

Garlic scapes are the top sprouts of garlic bulbs. A garlicy flavour with a nearly-green-bean texture. Very strong flavour when raw, much milder when cooked. Steam as a side vegtable. Also good with mushrooms and pearl barley in risotto-thing. Steaming them and whuzzing them with some pine nuts, olive oil and salt makes a very nice pesto.

Red gooseberries are a bit sweeter then normal gooseberries. They made a lovely red crumble. I'll be freezing some of these so I can have nice crumbles in winter (just dashed inconsiderate of them to fruit in summer when they're such a good winter fruit).

And, of course, strawberries and raspberries for jamming, and blaeberries to eat. Num!
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