atreyuas (atreyuas) wrote in vegancooking,

relocating to meatland

hey everyone! i've been living in richmond, va for the last three years, which has been nice because the place is so vegetarian/vegan-friendly (i'm vegetarian, only about 75% vegan), but after i graduate college i'll be moving back in with my folks for a while in southern maryland, great mills to be exact. it's a tiny little outpost in the middle of nowhere, and to my knowledge there simply aren't very many vegetarians around here. EVERYONE eats meat, and there's no place i've seen that really caters to those that don't. even the supermarkets here are lacking. there's no such thing as veggie bullion cubes in the supermarkets here, and if they offer veggie burgers (which alot of them don't), it's only one brand. do any of you happen to know of any health food stores here that would stock tempeh, seitan, or other vegan protein sources? i'd prefer to not order food items online, and i'd be willing to drive as far as waldorf for groceries. or restaurants that would have entrees i can eat? any suggestions would be helpful. thanks!
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