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I am the Batman

Macaroni and "Cheese"

I made this mac + "cheese" from the memories, and it is SO good. It tastes like it was made with cheddar! (or what I remember cheddar to taste like, anyway.)

I added 2 small green peppers from the garden, chopped, and about 1/3 cup of chives from the garden, chopped. Those probably added to the cheddar-y-ness. (I added them once the water and other ingredients were blended, so they cooked in the sauce)

Oh, and I used olive oil, 1/3 cup soy garden, soy powder instead of flour (which made it a little "grainy" like real melted cheddar), and a pinch of curry powder since I couldn't find any straight turmeric in the cabinet. Oh, and corn meal, 'since all the bread crumbs in the house have "natural flavors". Ew. I almost forgot, I also added 2 tablespoons cornstarch dissolved in a bit of hot water, because the soy powder wasn't thickening the sauce well enough. And I baked it for about 23-24 minutes, because I was on the phone and missed the timer ding, hehe. It was absolutely fine, though.

I'm sure the oil could be left out or at least reduced, also, it's greasier than I'm used to. (Though all the grease gives it an "authentic" feel, too.)

This made about 4 servings, or 6-8 if using it as a side dish.

Anyway, enough babbling - Picture!
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