zaftigvegan (zaftigvegan) wrote in vegancooking,

update on emes kosher gelatin?

has anyone heard anything else about the allegations that emes kosher gelatin contains at least some actual animal-derrived gelatin? this story "broke" nearly 2 months ago online and i've been waiting to hear what the outcome was going to be. apparently the company claims the allegations are false and the "independant" testers claim that it is not as vegan as we've all been led to believe, to do the way it reacts to bromelain and it's high protein content.

i have never actually used the stuff but have three packs of it sitting in my pantry, and i can't decide if i should just give 'em away or keep waiting until there's some kind of resolution.

plus, there's this AWESOME dessert i want to make that requires gelatin and it sure would be nice to do that soon.
Tags: desserts-jello, substitutes-gelatine
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