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chocolate ginger cake with kreamcheeze frosting and chocolate ganache

i made this cake for my friend janine.  i made a double layer chocolate cake and added minced candied ginger and chocolate chips to the batter and subbed amaretto for the vanilla extract.

it's frosted with a kreamcheeze buttercream with more candied ginger mixed in and topped with chocolate ganache.  after i frosted the cake with the kreamcheeze frosting, i chilled it.  then i formed a collar with tin foil and placed it around the cake to make a form for the ganache.  i poured th ganache in, let in chill and then removed the tin foil.  no drips!  notice the layer of frosting under the ganache on top?

cake and ganache recipes

kreamcheeze frosting recipe

MmmM! So Good! ox kittee
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