criticalcupcake (criticalcupcake) wrote in vegancooking,

bubble tea?

bubble tea is something I wonder lots about when eating at my favorite local chinese restaurant. the bubbles are apparently made of tapioca, and when I looked at the ingredients on the container (the owner recognizes me and knew I didn't eat certain things, although he wasn't sure what said things might be), they contained caramel.

I did try a flavor that didn't have the bubbles and was pretty tasty, but the bubbles are what make it look fun. mine was sort of like a

tapioca in general is something I don't know a whole lot about, except that the pudding seemed strange to me when I was very young and I'd never eat it. I think my father told me they were fish eggs, and it looked believable enough at five.

so, bubble tea for two (or just me)?
Tags: -is this vegan?
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