manicmezzo (manicmezzo) wrote in vegancooking,

thanks and results

Dear Community,
Thanks for all of your suggestions last week (I had the problem of too many red delicious apples and pre-flavored sesame tofu). Unfortunately I don't have pictures, but I did incorporate some of your suggestions and I'd like to share them with you!

the first was the "combine the two" dish: seared sesame tofu served over thinly sliced apple and cucumber, topped with lots of fresh lemon juice and a little black pepper. I feel like this would have made good sushi but I am not myself a sushi-maker.

then, of course, I made apple sauce. I just chopped up the apples and put them in my blender with a tiny bit of water and the juice of 1 very large lemon (for 3-4 large apples). I left the skin on which gave it a nice reddish brown color but I think next time I will skin them.

and just now I have sliced one apple into paper thin slices, rubbed them with lemon and spread them on the counter. I am hoping they will dehydrate naturally over night, but I don't know if they will. I'm hoping for those chewy dried apple slices.

thanks again for all of your suggestions, they were great!
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