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Mod Post

Hey all, I know a lot of you all hate me for talking about them, but I want to introduce all the new folks to the the memories! (as well as some of you regulars)

We have 3000+ members, and we want to make this community as useful to everyone as possible. Along this line, we'd like to try to cut down a little on the less necessary and off topic traffic. Check out veganpeople, isitveg, veganism, etc, also, to see if your post might be more appropriate there. We might start to delete the off topic stuff a little quicker, and some of the questions that could be answered in the memories, depending on the results of a poll we're putting together for all of you to vote on. Don't worry, though, if a good recipe is posted in the comments, we won't delete the whole post.

Us mods spend a lot of time filing away all the fabulous recipes that members share, and we'd absolutely ADORE you if you'd take a stroll around the memories before requesting recipes. Keep in mind that a good number of them have been shared by the members because they tried them, made sure they're true, and very possibly hold them as a favorite!

I'm really terribly sorry if you're offended by this simple request, but it seems lately that there are a lot of requests and questions that could be fulfilled by spending a few minutes in the memories. Since this is such a high traffic community, quite a few people get frustrated by the volume of these posts.

Now, if you have searched relevant categories, and really checked them out and ABSOLUTELY, TRULY cannot find something, by all means, ask for a recipe or assistance. And, of course, if you have a recipe to share, PLEASE share it! Even if there's 20 other versions already! WE LOVE RECIPES!

Those of you who are new, welcome, and thank you for patronizing our fine community. Please don't be put off by this post, if you're brand new, you obviously might not know our wacky ways. This is meant as a reminder to older members, just as much as a welcome to you!

Lastly, if you look at the memories, and get lost, confused, or really just don't understand how it works, check out the "Info for New Vegancooking Members" category at the top of the memories, or come over to vc_moderators and ask us any questions, no matter how silly you think they might be. We're here to help!

Thanks everyone!
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