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At my favorite local japanese restaurant, they serve a cold spinach dish called ohitashi. It's this declious spinach served in a ginger broth with some sort of sweet miso sauce. Because I'm going back to school in a couple of weeks, I wanted to figure out how to recreate this dish at home before the memory of it faded from my tastebuds. I found a recipe for ohitashi on google that called for tahini and sugar, but I used peanut butter and some apricots instead. It was super simple and delicious. This sauce would also be excellent over some eggplant or sea vegetables, or even tofu.

1 10oz package frozen spinach, thawed
1 small tomato, chopped (optional)

5-6 dried apricots, rehydrated
1-2 tsp reduced sodium red miso paste
1 tbsp peanut butter
1/2 lemon, juiced OR a splash of your favorite plum/rice vinegar
crushed red pepper flakes to taste
scallions (optional)
ginger (optional)
water for thinning

optional: ginger broth


For spinach, set to thaw a couple of hours beforhand. If you want to steam the spinach, this dish is equally delicious hot.

for sauce, throw the aprictos with their water into a blender with the miso paste, peanut butter and lemon juice (plus the scallions and ginger, if it so strikes you). At this point, you're going to want to check the seasonings and make sure it's not too salty/sweet and to get the consistency right. If you use just a regular (as opposed to reduced sodium) miso paste, you can either toss in some vegetable oil or add more apricots and peanut butter to make it palatable; just use your common sense here.

To serve, I just tossed the spinach with some chopped tomato and then topped it with the sauce. I ate it over kale because I eat every thing over kale, but tried it the next day for lunch heated with some toasted buckwheat groats, and that was also super yummy.

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