holy hand grenade (waterlove) wrote in vegancooking,
holy hand grenade

I screwed up my soup, any suggestions are appreciated to fix it.

I made a big pot of soup and then I screwed it up:(

-6 pears
-3 yams
-tons of green onion
-one yellow onion
-one big zuchinni

I seasoned it with sea salt, and kelp. Then I added a lot of cayenne to warm me up, I'm sick in July, it's terrible! It's making me sneeze it out which is good.

Now I usually make a base with miso, and use tamari instead of salt. But I'm out of miso and my husband hates the taste of soy sauce so I want us to both be able to eat this. I added too much nori and now it tastes like seaweed and cayenne. What can I do to even out the flavour and give it more of a punch? I put tamari on everything, but I need to branch out a little.

Maybe carrots will help absorb some seaweed flavour and add to the thickness? I blended it and made it a bit watery so my throat could take it, but when I re-heat it it gets even more watery..
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