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creamy mango frozen dessert

hey there :)
i'm a community junkie and also a cooking addict, but i rarely post and felt i should start contributing to my favourite community :D

i'm 19, from england and am always on the lookout for new things to try.

i've been taking loads of photos of whatever i happen to create for dinner lately, simply because they look so damn good, and i'll post some recipes soon.

however, this afternoon i whizzed up
1 mango
4 fresh lychees (could use banana or another fruit instead)
a few pieces of frozen pineapple
2 tablespoons of plain soya yoghurt
a dash of monin coconut syrup, i got a bottle for 50p..mm (you could use any sort of sweetner but it isn't really needed. or try some coconut powder or milk)

by the time i'd made this creamy-thick smoothie i wasn't really so hungry, but it tasted so luxurious and custardlike..soo...i put it in my freezer. i've been stirring it every so often to break up all the ice (i do have an ice cream maker but it wont fit it my freezer at the mo :| )

its damn tasty, like a cross between sorbet and mango ice cream. i shall have it later with papaya slices. i thought i'd share since it was so simple.
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