criticalcupcake (criticalcupcake) wrote in vegancooking,

mama mia!

this is, by all means, a far stretch.

as we were watching the godfather the other night, I noticed some cookies that looked to me like christmas cookies. by "christmas cookies" I mean those shortbread cookies that I see around the holidays here in the states- some dyed green, some red, some with seasonal crystal sprinkles... all in one box.

the boy recognized them as being the same kind of cookies his grandmother always had around. he didn't do much in the way of describing them, but said they could probably be found in an italian market of some sort.

I found an italian market today (which was actually surprising to me, as I hardly associate them with my area), but didn't go in. the point is that I know where to go should I find out what exactly I'm looking for.

do these cookies ring a bell to anyone? italian grandmother cookies (my own loose terminolgy)?

I'd like to make or find some for him, but I'm afraid everything about them seems terribly vague- including this request.

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