Kitty Stalkings (kitty_stockings) wrote in vegancooking,
Kitty Stalkings

Nutritional Yeast as salad topping!

Ok, perhaps this is all horribly, painfully obvious to everyone in here, but i've just discovered a really tasty way to eat nutritional yeast that doesn't involve having to heat it up to death:

As a salad topping!

I made a great salad with:

- baby spinach
- cherry tomatoes (halved)
- flax seeds (whole)
- shredded carrot
- shredded red cabbage
- dressing made of herbs, oil and vinegar

Tossed that all up and then, over individually served bowls of the salad, i sprinkled a few teaspoons of nutritional yeast flakes over the top.


When mixed with the dressing, it turned everything really creamy and delish. I just wanted to share my dinner experience, in case there's anyone like me out there just trying out nutritional yeast for the first time ^__^!
Tags: nutritional yeast
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