Amy Swanson (conceptualized) wrote in vegancooking,
Amy Swanson

I need help with indian food!

So I have a package of dried lentils and an eggplant, neither of which I have ever personally cooked before. I really want to try cooking an indian dish at home. I'm thinking dahl would make the most sense for my tastes, and I've looked up a recipe in the memories that seems fairly easy, but I want to add other vegetables to it (potatoes and some eggplant and maybe a few other frozen veggies). I realize I should pre-cook the potatoes and eggplant before throwing them in, but I was wondering if this was even a good idea or if it would really throw off the taste... and if it is a good idea, how should i prepare the eggplant? Also, the recipe I saw called for a few spices I've never even heard of, nor do I know how to get... I don't like really spicy food, so would leaving out a few of the ingredients be a total disaster? I know I must sound stupid, but I am a n00b when it comes to indian food and cooking in general... is dahl just mushy lentils basically? Or am I thinking of something completely different? Help!

Also, I didn't see any naan recipes or posts about naan in the memories, so does anyone know where I can get some or something like it?

Thank you!
Tags: beans-lentils, ethnic food-indian, vegetables-eggplant/aubergine
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