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vegancooking is switching to moderated submission for the moment

Hi all,

There has been an increase in off-topic posting recently, therefore we are going to temporarily switch to moderated submission. We hope that this will help cut down on the unnecessary and off-topic traffic in the community. Once the off-topic traffic slows we will remove the moderation.

As a reminder the following type of posts are appropriate for vegancooking
1) posts that follow the guidelines in the user info
2) vegan recipes
3) requests/suggestions for modifying non-vegan recipes.
4) picture posts of what you made with the recipe.
5) requests for recipes that are not in the memories (also remember that google is a handy tool and that sites such as Epicurous have search functions where you can exclude animal products)

The following posts are not appropriate for vegancooking
1) Is it vegan? posts. (isitveg or veganpeople are more appropriate)
2) requests for recipes that are in the memories en masse. (like choc chip cookies, plain chocolate cakes etc)
3) posts without a subject line (we will remind you to use a subject line and you can resubmit)
4) off-topic posts see the off-topic post tag for examples of off topic posts.
5) "update" and "thank you" posts, please edit the previous entry. (if you have a recipe to post from a "suggestion request" post or something like that, a separate entry is appropriate)

With regards to cross-posting, we are cracking down on it as well. We ask that members choose very carefully which communities they crosspost to. If the most appropriate community is vegancooking, then choose to post to only vegancooking. Otherwise, the post will be deleted from the most appropriate community. This may seem strict, but remember that most people here also members of several other vegan communities.

Also, supercarrot has worked hard to create several tags for the community. Please try to use tags with your posts, hopefully tags can eventually replace the memories as our standard search engine.

Please use common sense when posting. We are not trying to be mean, we just want to make the community as useful as possible for everyone involved.

Thanks for your consideration,
your mods

Note: This entry has been edited to reflect the comments made earlier today.
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