kat!e (cherryflavored) wrote in vegancooking,

vodka sauce.

I was thinking of making the tofu-stuffed shells from the memories this weekend, and I wanted to make my own sauce instead of buying it. I was wondering if anyone has tried to make a vegan version of vodka sauce? I searched the memories and google, and I've found one recipe.. but I was just curious if anyone has tried to duplicate this before and has had success with it. Also, I don't really have access to a blender or a food processor, so I'm not sure if that recipe would work without it.

The vodka sauces I remember having always had some sort of cheese and cream in it, but I wasn't sure if veganizing a normal recipe would come out right.

I was also considering adding some Tofutti cream cheese to the mixture for the stuffed shells.. how much do you think I should add without it being overly "cheesy"?

Any help would be appreciated. :)

edit: woops, I posted the wrong link to the vodka sauce recipe at first.. but it's fixed now!
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