nicu (pour_vrai) wrote in vegancooking,

baking troubles--not properly mixed?

I'm kind of frustrated because the last couple things I've baked have turned out kind of screwy. Texture, taste, etc have all been fine overall, everything has baked evenly and risen and been moist, but I keep running into little bits of stuff that are, uh, gross. I made corn muffins and brownies and in both cases bit into a little piece of something sour and disgusting that definitely shouldn't have been in there. When I looked at it, it was sort of hard and small, like a bit of dry ingredient that didn't get mixed in well, but I can't pinpoint what it was. Both recipes involved salt, unbleached wheat flour, (mostly blended) turbinado, and baking powder, and all from the same containers. I think I mixed the muffins with a handheld electric mixer and I did the brownies with a whisk, and everything looked more or less combined. There was a very small amount of dry ingredient that remained at the bottom of the bowl, but that never caused problems before. Can anyone figure out what's causing this? I've had to throw out perfectly yummy vegan muffins and brownies because of this problem and really hate doing that.
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