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dosai! ice cream pie!

dazee turned 40 on friday so we celebrated with homemade masala dosais and ice cream ganache pie!  i am really thrilled that the dosais came out so well...south indian cooking has always seemed so daunting to me.  i served the dosais with a cilantro chutney (cilantro, lemon juice, salt, green chili and plain soy yogurt), coconut chutney (fresh coconut pulverized with cilantro, salt, and a bit of water and seasoned with fried lentils), lakshmi brand mango chutney (no preservatives and all natural) and of course shpicy pickle.

the dosai recipe i used can be found here: though i made up my own potato masala filling...

apparently, the pie is more popular than my cakes..who knew?  i bought a chocolate cookie crumb pre made pie, filled it with two softened quarts of soy delicious's mocha coffee almond and then made a chocolate ganache (melted choc chips with a bit of choc soymilk) and stuck in sunspire's earth balls.  the pie set up in no time. 



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