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Banana cake recipe

The health food shop I usually go to had very ripe bananas on special offer, so I decided to make some banana bread. Since I haven't had much experience of baking without using animal products and didn't have that many other ingredients at home, this was always going to be a bit of an experiment, but this time it was an experiment which was quite sucessful, so I've decided to share. Although it was originally intended as a banana bread recipe, it turned out as more of a moist, squishy cake, but it's still very edible.


Bananas (I used 6 small ones, if they're larger you'd only need 3 or 4)
6 oz margarine
3 large spoonfuls of malt extract (chosen for the sole reason that I wanted to experiment with non-sugar sweeteners, and this was cheaper most of the other stuff)
5 oz wholemeal flour
3 oz white self-raising flour
1 tsp baking powder
1 tsp ginger
Approx. 2 tbsp fruit juice (I used one which was mainly orange, but with other stuff in it)

Mix margarine with malt extract. Mash bananas and add to mixture. Add dry ingredients. Bake in oven preheated at gas mark 4/180 degrees for around 45 minutes.

As the one cake tin in my flat is quite small, I baked it in two batches, and decided to add some other stuff that I sitting around in the cupboard, which resulted in:


Mix banana cake as above, but add sesame seeds and oats. I think there might have been about 1.5 - 2tbsp of both in the mixture, but I didn't keep track of it. It gives it a slightly different texture, which I liked, but it may be a personal taste thing.
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