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Chanterelle-sweet corn saute

Here's a little something I threw together from farmers' market goodies. Everything except the Earth Balance and the pepper was bought directly from the farmers--woo!

Note: I'm giving the instructions for making what's depicted here, even though I think the simpler version I made the other day was better. Notes on that below.

Chanterelle-sweet corn saute

2-3 Tbsp. Earth Balance
1/2 cup chanterelles, washed and sliced into small 1/8" thick pieces
1 ear corn, husked and cut off the cob raw
1/4-1/3 cup chopped scallions or onion tops
2-4 leaves chard, cut in ribbons
small branch fresh dill, chopped
pinch black pepper

Saute in the order given, leaving plenty of time for the mushrooms to soften and then for the chard to wilt. Stir constantly because the corn will have a strong tendency to stick to the pan. Add more margarine or a little water if need be.

This version looks better and has more nutrition, but I liked it better without the chard and dill. The dill overwhelms the flavor of the mushrooms, and the chard was a tiny bit bitter. Maybe spinach instead? Also, I prefer the ratio of mushrooms to corn when I used 2 ears corn for that many mushrooms.

But it's yummy either way, and really easy!

Gillian Welch - Revival - Acony Bell
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