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raspberry mousse filling?

i'm kind of the resident birthday cake baker where i work, and i always make vegan cakes! i make pretty good ones, so no one minds. :)

but a good friend's birthday is coming up, and i wanted to make an orange cake with raspberry mousse filling.

i have no clue how to go about making a vegan raspberry mousse filling. i want it to be more creamy, than just like raspberry perserves. anyone have any ideas? i also didn't want it to just be a buttercream frosting with raspberries in it - thats tooo sweet, and has a different texture than mousse type stuff. if possible, i was trying to avoid using soft tofu to whip a pudding type thing, but if thats the only way to go, i'll do it. (i've been a bit sensitive to soy lately, so i wanted to see if there were other options.)

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