. (ryansmithxvx) wrote in vegancooking,

problem with cakes when using egg replacer?

the other night i tried to make a cake for a friend using a store-bought cake mix and just adding oil, water & egg replacer like the package says to do

i used ener-g egg replacer and the cake came out really weird. it was super flat and didn't seem to yield near as much cake as it should have (it was barely 1/4" thick when covering the bottom of a 9x12 pan)

after telling my friend what happened, she said that's happened to her the 2 times she tried using ener-g egg replacer in a store-bought cake mix.

i made a cake for someone in the past using mashed bananas as the egg replacer and it came out fine.

anyone have any cooking tip insights for me on this?
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