mindfulness (mindfulness) wrote in vegancooking,

Bean stock uses

Has anyone ideas or experience using the cooking liquid you get after you drain cooked (not canned!) beans? Some recipes call for drained beans, but usually I never drain my cooked beans, rather thicken the liquid, if I have to, with tumeric, lotus root powder, water chestnut flour, potato flour or psyllium.

Thinking about it, in macrobiotics you drink aduki bean cooking water as a tea, for kidney problems. Oh and black soy bean tea for women's health. And in other herbal traditions fenugreek tea (stock) is a good antiinflammatory. Bean cooking water is a great source of minerals and antioxidants.

So does anyone have any great uses for it? I think it would be great to cook rice in. Even to use as a liquid for mixing with flours for baking strong tasting baked goods. Or even as a soup stock.

Thanks for reading and any responses.
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