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Disastrous baked goods

Today I tried to bake the awesomely delicious looking chocolate pear cake from a few entries ago. Well... it tastes wonderful, but... for some reason my vegan baked goods, they are disastrous.

My brownies and cakes never cook properly -- they bubble up around the edges which eventually become crispy and burnt, while the middle of the cake or brownie remains completely gooey and uncooked. The middle then sinks lower than the sides, so my cakes end up looking like little volcanic calderas  Both burnt and underbaked at the same time. It's really depressing.

Why?!? I'm normally a really good baker, so this is very distressing. My brownies and cakes are horrible, and this never happened when I baked non-vegan goods. It's not the temperature of my oven. I do not overbeat my baked goods. This happens whether or not I am using egg replacers. It happens with every recipe (except cornbread) that I try. It happens with veganized recipes and already-vegan ones.

What am I doing wrong? Do I need to lower the temperature? Raise the temperature? Bake them differently? Tweak the ingredients? What's going on here? I spent a good half an hour looking through the memories and maybe I am just blind because I know I've seen entries about this before, but I couldn't find any of them. Argh.

I also tried making marshmallows today. They never fluffed up, no matter how long I whisked them with my KitchenAid. I've basically got a large, thin marshmallow pancake drying in a pan. Today is just a day of cooking failures.


Edit: Hmm, since everyone has suggested that it was my oven, I decided to re-test it. Probe thermometers, yay. The oven is definitely heating to the right temperature and maintaining that temp. Well, it's about 5°F cool, but it maintains the temp throughout cooking time. It's even less likely to fluctuate, actually, because I have a baking stone, which absorbs and radiates heat evenly.

I don't really think it's the oven, anyway, because like I said, non-vegan baked goods come out perfectly every time. All my vegan baked goods (except for cornbread and bread pudding) do not. I think it's definitely got to be some kind of issue with the ingredients behaving differently. Either they need to be cooked at a different temperature or I need to tweak the recipes, but I'm almost certain it's not the oven.
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