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Healthy and Long-Lasting Food for a College Commuter!

Okay, okay, I know this has probably been asked a hundred times, so if you want to point me to the FAQ, I don't blame you! But I was hoping some of you could help me out with my specific circumstances, considering times and food preferences and things.

My classes start tomorrow, and I need both lunch- and dinner-type foods to take with me in a lunchbox with a cold pack (or in a thermos).

12:00 - 1:40 - Bio Lecture
5:30 - 7:05 - Chem Lecture
7:10 - 9:45 - Chem Lab

1:00 - 3:55 - Ceramics
6:00 - 9:55 - Math =(

12:00 - 1:40 - Bio Lecture
2:00 - 4:25 - Bio Lab
5:30 - 7:05 - Chem Lecture

I'm a commuter this year and I live about a half hour away from campus, so it's a waste of time and gas to come home for the shorter breaks.

Mondays I'll need something really filling to eat at home for an early dinner, since I'll be going from about 5:00 to 10:15 with no food! Or something that'll keep for a few hours for those days I need to stay on campus between my first two classes because of study needs or lack of gas money.
Tuesdays I'll need something for another early dinner between classes. It'll have to keep from about noon til 4:00 with an ice pack.
Wednesdays I'm hoping for a quick lunch AND a good dinner to eat on campus. I think this one's going to be tricky since the dinner will have to stay good from about 11:00 until 4:30.

There's a microwave there, which is great for people like me.

I'm really terrible at cooking, so if you have any recipes that include cooking, please make it simple for me! I don't like mushrooms or
eggplant because of their consistency. I'm not a big salad fan, I only eat it about once a week or so. Sandwiches are great for lunch, but I'm hoping for something hot for dinner - I grew up down south, so cold dinner foods are really strange to me. One of my pet peeves is soggy bread, so I'm trying to think of sandwiches that don't need anything liquidy on them.

Do you think fajita fillings - Morningstar Grillers Crumbles with sauteed peppers and onions - will keep in tupperware for a few hours with a cold pack?

I've been trying to eat more healthfully lately. I drink too much pop and eat a lot of snack-like foods because I'm kind of lazy and not a
very good cook, and it's starting to get to me. I feel generally unwell a lot lately, so I'm trying to get a good diet in - and cut down on the pop for dog's sake! I think classes starting again is going to help me out because I KNOW they don't really have any vegan options, so I'll be FORCED to think ahead... and if I'm thinking ahead anyway, why not put a little more effort in and make it healthy, right?

Ooh, sorry for the long entry. Thank you so much in advance to anyone who can help me out.
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