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Vegan Camping Food

I can cook! I can cook!

Cooking on an open fire requires more than a fork and a sunflower mitten, unless of course, you forgot the other stuff at home...along with your tooth brush!
Camping Coscos Dinner Camping Coscos Dinner

coscos with bullion cube
chopped carrot, purple cabbage, garlic, and onions.

saute the veggies in a bit of water. Just before they are done add equal parts water as coscos, cook a bit longer until couscuos fluffs up. Any other veggies could be prepared before hand, if you so desire.
Camping Pancakes Camping Pancakes

Bisquick and soy milk.

Cook as normal. Throw in some chocolate and marshmellows if you're feeling like you need a morning smore fix. We also put banana slices on them as well.
Camping Potatoes Camping Potatoes

Potatoes, garlic, rosemary and water.

cook potatoes in water so they don't dry out. add rosemary and garlic or whatever spices you didn't forget to bring.
Vegan Smores Vegan Smores

Gram crackers
vegan marshmellow
chocolate bar

make a sandwich with the gram cracker on the outside, wrap in foil place in coals for a few minutes. It may require flipping to avoid burning the cracker.
FYI: vegan supreem marshmellows are great for roasting just as I remember normal ones being.

Not pictured: oatmeal with shredded coconut (just add twice as much water), tons of junk food, and potatoes wraped in tin foil I put in the coals and forgot about when I took a nap, but the pup sure enjoyed those crispy rocks of poato!
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