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Sherry Substitute

Hey there crime stoppers,

In a hot and sexy recipe (being created by me, a hot and sexy recipe =) [see comments])I'm fixing up for the lady friend this weekend, I need a bit of dry sherry. Seriously, a bit, like 2 tsp. The problem arises in the fac that a) I don't want to buy a whole bottle of that jank for 2 tsp in a recipe, and b) I don't like to keep alcohol of any kind in the apt. However, knowing nothing about wines and cooking wines and such, I have no clue what kind of a effect leaving it out would have on the taste.
So, in your professional opinions, does anyone know of a handy replacement for dry sherry or the knowledge that I can just leave it out and slide the dish by that foxy lady with whom I associate, her being none the wiser? The recipe is for Ma Po Tofu, by the by.

Thanks cool cats.
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