x (quatre_vingts) wrote in vegancooking,

easy cooking for two--one omni, one vegan

I'm sort of living with my omni SO right now, who, apart from egg sandwiches, is cooking impaired. However, he's open to trying new veggie stuff and likes a lot of meat analogs. A couple nights back I showed him how to make spaghetti and tonight we did French bread pizza. What are your suggestions for recipes that

-don't make a ton of food (neither of us eats more than one serving, really, but leftovers for the next day are good)

-are easy

-don't cost much (like I said, we can afford meat analogs and soymilk and other basics, and I can make tofu, but stuff like nutritional yeast, exotic grains, and the like are both pricey here [small-town, student budget] and hard to get anyway)

-and are "normal" enough to please both omnivore and vegan tastes, like spaghetti? Versatility is appreciated. For example, when we made French bread pizza, we both used the same bread, sauce, mushrooms, Boca crumbles, and veggie bacon, but it was something he could add his favorite cheese to and I could enjoy without cheese.

If there's a good cookbook or site for this, that would be way cool.
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