Hilary (jandrofrachini) wrote in vegancooking,

Adding non-vegan items/slow cooking

Okay so my dad moved to DC for a job and now I'm the one required to get dinner on the table by 6. My mom is pretty open to my vegan food, but I know she'll want cheese and chicken and all that.
What I need are recipes where tofu and chicken can be cooked separately and added to the dish when it's time to serve. Cheese, too.
Since I'll be cooking when I get home from school when I'll have piles of homework, recipes that can be prepared the night before, or ones that can cook for a couple hours until my mom gets home would be great, too.
I know there are stirfries and chilis and I've already got a lot of ideas, but recipes that combine the whole adding chicken and slowing cooking criteria are mainly what I'm looking for.

Sorry, I didn't want to know how to cook chicken or anything! I was just asking for recipes where chicken could be added after the rest of the meal is finished so as to better accomodate my mom.
Sorry for the mix up
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