Patience (yes, my real name.) (petienka) wrote in vegancooking,
Patience (yes, my real name.)

Blondie 'Pudding Cake'....?

Ok, I looked in the index, but didn't see quite what I'm looking for....

You know those 'chocolate pudding cakes'? Very easy to make -- you mix your batter and spoon it in a baking pan, then top it boiling liquid and bake? It creates a crusty, choco cake-ly top, with a gooey fudge pudding layer underneath. Well, I'm actually looking for a 'blondie' version of this -- might there such a thing? I'm picturing a more brown-sugar syrup-y (or caramel-y?) layer underneath, as opposed to the fudge, and a vanilla cakey top crust. I'm willing to try concocting my own, but I thought if anyone could happen to point me in the direction of a recipe, I'd start with that. Thanks!
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