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zereshk polow*

Step One: Soak 4c basmati rice in a bowl for as long as you can stand (overnight in Persia, 2-3 hours in Roya's house, 40 minutes, here)

Step Two: Boil many cups of water in a giant bowl of doom. Boil many cups of water (for saffron! And tea!). Place giant "wok" and saucepan on range. When water boils, add rice. Cook 4-5 minutes (it should be al dente-like at the end of this boil). Drain. Set aside.

Step Three: Peel 2c carrots, and sliver them. Place them in saucepan with 3t water and 1t sugar. Cover. Steam!

Step Four: Wash 1.5c barberries. Put them in "wok", add 1.5c raisins and 1.5c slivered almonds. Add a bit of water or oil; cook on medium-low heat.

Step Five: Mix 1t sugar, several T boiling! hot water and and ~2t ground saffron in a bowl. Add 1T to carrots, and the rest to the barberry,etc mixture. Pour barberry,etc into a bowl. Make alternating layers of rice and barberry,etc in wok. Rice should be the top and bottom layer. Add .25c water. Cover with paper towels. Steam ~40minutes on medium heat, or ~20 on high.

Step Six: Mix! Smell! Enjoy! Dream!

*recipe & other persian wonderfulness compliments of my best friend's mom
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