elvish_sight (elvish_sight) wrote in vegancooking,

Help! There's a newb-veg in the kitchen! =O

Okay, well, I decided to be a lovely person overall and make a birthday cake for a special someone, particularly this lovely one here

Only, as I finish whipping the margarine+sugar and go to sift all the dry ingredients together, a sudden spark of realization dawns rather horrifyingly on me:

I do not have any cake flour.


I do have unbleached flour, and whole wheat flour; I was thinking of substituting the unbleached flour for it, but some quick reading in hopes of cake-baking salvation found out they weren't quite equivalent.

So how much do I use? And shouldn't there be baking soda/powder in there to help it rise? :o? I'm so sorry for imposing this question, but I want it to turn out right, dammit! ._.;;
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