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vegan cookzine

Hey all, I was told by another livejournal user that this would be appropriate to post here.
It is crossposted, so if you feel it's unnecessary or inappropriate, just tell me.

So, I do a zine called Barefoot and in the Kitchen and I just got done with the second issue this week. Both issues one and two have 15-20 recipes, a guide to vegan-friendly restaurants in California, some comics and drawings and other fun stuff.
I am really excited about cooking and sharing recipes with people, so if anyone is interesed, I'd be totally happy to send you one (or two). I ask for a dollar or two donation to cover printing and shipping, but if you really don't have it, I'm sure we can work something out.
Also, if you have a zine, or even just a really ass kicking collection of vegan recipes or anything else totally awesome, I'm open to trading.
You can comment here or email me at socialobscenity @ yahoo . com.
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