kim day (fakingsympathy) wrote in vegancooking,
kim day

snickerdoodle recipe and avacodes

i had my first snickerdoodle today from alternative baking. possibly the BEST COOKIE EVER. but they're 2 dollars each, and whole foods asks for like 3 dollars at the store. and theyre huge and i eat the entire thing as a snack and i'd rather make little guys i can consume more cautiously. i am really curious to being able to make my own, but i want to make sure they taste identical to these. any help?

kind of a long shot.

oh yeah while i'm at it. i bought 5 avacados on sale about a week ago. because they were on sale they were flying out the door and the ones i got were extremely hard and not ripe. i figured i'd allow them to ripen in the fridge, but for the past 7 or so days they haven't done a thing. is it bad to take them out of the fridge to allow them to ripen? will that make them spoil?
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