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cookbooks: vegan with a vengeance by isachandra


i totally promised isachandra (from the ppk) that i'd pimp her new book vegan with a vengeance here! that was months ago! *facepalm* here it is now.

here is a sample of what's in it:
Our breakfast section includes:
Tempeh & White Bean Sausage Patties
Fronch Toast
Asparagus & Sundried Tomato Frittata
Tofu Rancheros
Coconut Pancakes
Veggie Chorizo
Ginger Pear with Poached Pears in Cranberry Syrup

Muffins & Scones:
Hazelnut scones
Orange Glazed scones
Lemon Poppy Seed Muffins
Cherry Almond Muffins

Finger Foods! Because forks are for wusses!:
3 Kinds of knishes
Mini Spinach Quiches
Portabello Fingers

Apps and sides and what not:
Corn Fritters
Herb Stuffed Mushrooms
Parsnip Scallion Pancakes
Roasted Applesauce

Soup is good food:
Curried Carrot Bisque
Matzoh Ball Soup
Roasted Garlic White Bean Soup
Creamy Asparagus Potato Soup

And unlike other cookbooks, we’ve decided to have Entrees!
Seitan Pot Pie
Horseradish and Coriander Crusted Tofu
Pomegranate Barbeque Seitan
Moroccan Spring Vegetable Tagine with Red Lentils
Sweet Potato Ravioli with Mushroom Sauce
Ethiopian Seitan and Peppers

And more cookies and bars than you can shake a stick at:
Macadamia Blondies with Maple Icing
Chocolate Raspberry Bars
Chocolate Thumbprint Cookies
Fig Bars

Lest we forget dessert:
Chocolate Raspberry Blackout Cake
Coconut Heaven Cupcakes
Tropical Carrot Cake
Chocolate Citrus Tart
Black Bottom Peanut Butter Silk Pie
And of course… Puddin’

i can personally vouch for the tastiliciousness of the fronch toast, the coconut pancakes, the orange rum teacake and especially the stewed tofu in miso gravy (which has become a common meal in my house)

click here to pre-order it

(let's get it up to at least slot #2 on the amazon veggie pre-order rankings, shall we?) :-)
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