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Chicago Diner cheesecake and liquor-tofu interactions

ANOTHER EDIT: Found a copy of the recipe here on one of PeTA's sites.

Mi madre (for whose birthday this is being made) likes amaretto and has expressed interest in an amaretto version of this before, which sounds hella good, and we've got a bottle of it. Does liquor have any weird interactions with tofu that might muck up the results? What flavors (nuts, sweeteners, spices) go well with amaretto? She's not too fond of cinnamon. Thanks!!

EDIT: ha-HA, it occurred to me to write to the author on the matter, and here's her response:

Dear Nicole;

I would replace the lemon juice and add the amaretto,
although the cheese cake at the Diner now has been changed from the
cookbook, we now replace some of the tofu with vegan creamcheese, you could also
try that. You could also try to make a suace/glaze with amaretto on top too.
Thanks, once again,

Chef Jo A. Kaucher

They must have changed it since this spring (my visits were in March and May), since it never tasted different to me when I made it at home. The glaze and the addition of Tofutti sound like a good idea. Would a combination of cream cheese, sour cream, and tofu give that nice tart cheesecakey flavor, since she advised omitting the lemon juice?
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