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Webtar Bazaar

Fresh Artichokes

I am not seeing what I need in the memories to answer this question, so here it is:
I just boiled/steamed two full artichokes. I want to make a dip for them. Normally I do some sort of veganise thing. I am wondering if I can take out the center leaves which are soft, blend those up with the normal assortment of ingredients (veganise, lemon, pepper, garlic powder, paprika...) and use that for a dipping sauce?
Is that how they normally make artichoke dip? Basically, I am unaware as to how to get the heart out of the artichoke and what to do with it?

Artichokes in the memories: http://www.livejournal.com/tools/memories.bml?user=vegancooking&keyword=vegetables+-+artichokes&filter=all

I blended all the soft stuff, heart, the soft leaves with veganise, lemon, garlic, pepper, paprika. It was good but a little chunky. I perfer the smoothness without it.
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