Safe, effective, and fun! (surrealestate) wrote in vegancooking,
Safe, effective, and fun!

Veganizing butternut dumplings?

I just watched a great episode of Good Eats all about squash. Alton made Butternut Squash Dumplings which look absolutely wonderful. Thing is, the recipe calls for one egg and he seemed to feel that one egg was rather important in terms of the role the protein and fat played in binding, etc.

Any ideas about veganizing the recipe? Ideally, not just speculation but because you've made them (or something like them) before? (Yeah, odds are low, but hey, you never know. :)

(I seriously adore Alton Brown. Sometimes I think that if he'd have me, I'd give up my veg ways. Probably not, and I'm sure he'd cook all manner of nummy veggie dishes for me, but sadly, it's not as though the issue will ever be tested.)
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