kat (timbrel) wrote in vegancooking,

tried and true corn muffins/ banana vs flax seed as egg replacement

I've been through the memories, but I didn't find what I was looking for..

There are quick mentions of both banana and flax seed being good as egg replacers in corn bread recipes, but there weren't really recipes showing them used- I wonder which you prefer and what your favourite tried and true recipe is.

(I should maybe mention, too, that it's not for chili, I'm looking for breakfast type-muffins, so theres no concern about banana flavous meshing poorly with bean-y tomoatoe-y goodness!)

Also, related to this and cooking in general, I wonder what sugars you use when you can't use replacement sweeteners.. I'm currently using Plantation Raw, but I wonder if it really is vegan(- ie, what are the conditions of the workers who produce it.) I know that the memories section is full of entries on sugar, but none of them really clarify if by "vegan" they are discussing purely bone char, or including the produciton ethics as well- any suggestions?
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