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I needed buckwheat for this recipe i was very excited about trying, and was shopping in a store that has all their bulk prepackaged and prewieghed.

So, the bag on untoasted buckwheat was 3.29, and right next to it was a bag that appeared to be toasted bulgar for 1.48. Since I had to toast it anyways, i threw it in the cart.

Got was bulgar.

Sooo, now i have a two and a half pound bag of bulgar. I had no idea what to do with it.

I'm not in the mood for taboulah (oh, god, i butchered that spelling), and all i found in the FAQs was a pilaf recipe, that i'm going to make, but only uses half a cup.

What do yall use bulgar for? what can i do with it?

recipes and suggetions both are great!

(and, before you ask, i'm posting the buckwheat recipe right now)
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